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We Know AI

Our team of over 20 AI developers focus on creating computer vision and MLP software

Computer vision​

Object detection

Object recognition

Text extraction

Face recognition

Natural language processing

Sentiment analysis

Text generation

Key phrases

See Prototypes In Action​

View demos of the AI prototypes we’ve built for our clients

Art Recognition App For Museums

KYC App With Facial Detection

Your One-stop LEAN Partner​

We love helping startups create the product of their dreams


Fast development

We help you reduce time and money waste by streamlining the workflow and avoiding common bottlenecks that impede development


Identify key features

We help you decide what features need to be developed first to have the most impact on the future of your project


Planning the next step

We not only build software — we prepare a comprehensive plan to help guide product development and visualize the entire product lifecycle


Project roadmap

We strip the idea down to its most basic components and choose those that are critical to product development

°Step 1

Check idea feasibility

We build free prototypes to help you test your idea in practice, test multiple machine learning models, and present it to investors

°Step 2

Choose tech stack​

Choosing a neural network, app infrastructure, and approach to data management is important. We have the experience to do it right

°Step 3

Get a working product

From MVPs to full-scale products — we build cutting-edge AI software for you and your clients

Some of our AI projects

Computer vision-powered mobile app

Testing strip detection

A user-friendly CV-powered mobile app for simple analysis of urine test strips. Automatic test result generation based on the colors of the chemical pads

Digital archive solution

Newspaper Digitization System

Detection of articles that span across multiple columns, text extraction, and article type detection

Real-time object detection

Bird Recognition App

An AI-based bird detection system for backyard wildlife observation. Real-time detection and observation of over 120 bird species and 20 mammal species

PDF files detection system

Technical Drawing Recognition

Detection of objects (walls, doors, windows, and more), optical character recognition, including special characters, digitization of complex tables

For those who know what they want and how to get it

AI Prototype development from scratch

— Define key product features

— Get a project road map

— Define tech stack

— Develop a Telegram bot or a web prototype

For those who need to check the feasibility of their idea

Research AI tech and check idea feasibility​

Consultation and product analysis

— Research of AI technology

— Build preliminary prototype

— Cost and time estimation, roadmap and product specification

Let's start working on your AI project today

Give us details about your project and we well get back to you with an initial consultation

Let's start working on your AI project today

Give us details about your project and we well get back to you with an initial consultation

    Who We Are​

    We are Businessware Technologies — a custom software development company focused on AI and machine learning. We have over two decades of experience with developing complex software ecosystems, robust mobile apps, and cutting-edge AI systems for startups.